Charlii The Volume Set – Black


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Prepare to elevate your hairstyling game with the highly-anticipated return of The Volume Set in stunning Black and Gold. These aren't your typical plastic Velcro hair rollers; they're your secret weapon for achieving gorgeous volume and bounce. Not only do they look fabulous, but they are also designed to retain heat, just like a round brush, delivering exceptional results while you go about your daily routine.

Whether you're yearning for that classic volume and bounce reminiscent of the iconic Ms. Monroe or seeking an easier way to master the perfect fringe, The Volume Set is the essential addition to your haircare regime.

The Volume Set includes 6 Rollers:

- 6 x 60mm x 90mm diameter Lightweight Black + Gold Rollers
- 6 x Gold Clips
- Satin Charlii Drawstring Bag

This set is perfect for those looking to add volume to the top and crown areas while having medium-length hair. The wider roller width allows you to style more hair in one go, making it a true #timesaving solution.


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