The Strand (Wooden Elevator, Sticky Almonds, Spilled Whiskey)


Borne from Hunter Candles’ latest residency, The Strand is an immersive, opulent blend that instantly transports you to another world. A world where epicurean luxuries intermingle with creativity, mystery and memory. A world that leaves you captivated in its wake.


The unmistakable architecture of Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade lays the foundation for its namesake scent, with the warmth of robust woods inspired by The Strand’s heritage elevators enveloping your senses in an old-worldly aura. As the ornate wooden doors slide open, a familiar nutty sweetness fills the air – The Nut Shop’s signature caramelised almonds calling your name from acrossthe bustling arcade.


As the sweetness subsides, your nose is met with intoxicating notes of neat whisky spilled, perhaps, on the floor of The Stranded – a haven of 80s hedonism where creatives came to play. While the club’s doors have long since closed, its intriguing, decadent spirit lingers to this day – and proves the perfect nightcap in our newest scent.


  • Extremely Limited
  • Biodegradable wax, free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs
  • Burn hours 50+
  • Soy Wax


Available for local pick-up from Parlour O or postage Australia wide.

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